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Published On July 18, 2012 » 1135 Views» Random

When I was but a wee nipper, I used to go down the driving range behind my house and hit golf balls, maybe even knock around the 9 hole golf course (that was at the Lido, or Solway Holiday Village for those from my neck of the woods).  However since then ( a tender age of about 15) I have never really played or known what Iw as doing.  However, inspired by colleagues and friends, I decided to get some clubs and give it a go, and last night was my first ever round of golf.  While my stroke count isn’t really worth mentioning, I did really enjoy it.

I have not been quite so nervous, approaching the first tee with a competition crowd looking on.  The other folks in our 4some tee off and then its my go.  Having been down tot he driving range a bit over the past couple of weeks, all I wanted was a reasonable drive to get me going.  However that wasnt to be as I sliced the ball and a gent behind me pointed that it had gone out-of-bounds (thanks for that by the way, I might not have noticed). 

Anyway, the first couple of holes are best forgotten, but actually after I started to relax and some really helpful tips from the folks with me (relax, stop looking up, slow down) then it did start to come together.  I did hit some shockers but I also hit some good ones too so I was quite happy with the overall result.

So, I think I have found a new hobby, just need to put in some practice now 🙂  Just need reccomendations fo a beginner friendly club and where to go for lessons in and around Gloucester, so if you have any recomendations or advice – feel free to share 🙂

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