Colour me Rad and Gloucestershire Bundles

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As you may have noticed, I’m trying to get fitter and lose weight by running, with some reasonable success but I can’t honestly say I enjoy it, but I am getting the desire to do more, and can really feel it when I’m too busy to go for a run in the evening, so there is hope that it’s getting there.  That said, I think a target is in order and I have taken the plunge and entered a Color-Me-Radrace.  Bring on the Colour.

I have entered the 5k Color me Rad race in Bristol on the 31st August which is a crazy blend of coloured corn starch exploded out of cannons and a 5k race.  I hope to be joined by more Gloucester Residents and have made a team name of Gloster Gladiators.  I am also using the opportunity to raise money for a local charity that I’ve supported for quite a long time, Gloucestershire Bundles.  I’m hoping that the amusement of an overweight, comparatively unfit councillor running 5k and getting drenched in coloured cornflour may be enough to encourage people to support and sponsor me.

You can help by kicking things off, my donation page is here:

To find out more about Gloucestershire Bundles, look here :

More about Color me Rad :

It’s fair to say I’m somewhat scared, I don’t want to let myself down, and I really don’t want to let Bundles down.

Watch this space for progress 🙂

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