David Chaytor Ex-MP Jailed – A step back towards public confidence?

Published On January 7, 2011 » 1419 Views» Law, Politics

Today was the big day for David Chaytor – former Labour MP for Bury North – As he had pleaded guilty to Expenses fraud, amounting to some £20k.

He got 18 Months custody, which, in reality means 9 months inside and 9 months on electronic tag, it may even be less if he is released on an early release scheme.

I think this is a proportionate sentence, it is not only doing justice, but sending out a clear message too.  When the expenses scandal first hit, it was all about duck houses and the like, all things which had been allowed, but were maybe not the right thing to do, however when you look at Chaytors escapade, it had huge amount of intent and full knowledge of what he was doing.

He is, however, the first in the prosecution line.  There are 2 more ex MPs, one current and 2 members of the House of Lords to come.

Its no wonder that people feel hard done by, when people like that act in that way.

But will it all be enough – They are being pulled over the coals and publicly hung out to dry, can the Public see that the Law system works and will it be enough to begin to move forward?


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One Response to David Chaytor Ex-MP Jailed – A step back towards public confidence?

  1. Eddie says:

    I doubt it Barry. You only have to look at the way that MPs are moaning about the new system. They don’t seem to realise how well they are paid and what lovely perks they still get

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