Gloucestershire Magistrates courts to be closed

Published On December 14, 2010 » 1253 Views» Law, Politics

It has been announced today just which courts are to be closed.  I raised this issue a while back and wrote to the Gloucester MP about this too, ideally to sign the EDM, (but he refuses to sign EDMs), and/or to write to a the Minister, but it seems to no avail.  The Closure of Coleford and Cirencester is no surprise, they have not been used for a while, but its the Closure of Stroud Court that is, in my opinion, a bad decision.

Gloucestershire currently use Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud courts, only Cheltenham and Stroud have working Cells, and therefore in the future, Prisoners will only be able to appear at Cheltenham, unless they fix Gloucester Courts cells.

We have just got to hope that the Crime rate keeps falling as it has done, but is that likely under the current circumstances?


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