Going ‘Google’

Published On January 30, 2011 » 2058 Views» Professional
Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBase

The new tool - Image via CrunchBase

Having used Hotmail for many years, I have never really ventured to other email providers as it seemed to do all I wanted.

However, I should be upgrading my phone soon and will probably go Android (unless I get an IPhone for peanuts) and that works better with Gmail (for obvious reasons)  I already have a Gmail account as I use Google Calendar, so I don’t have to do anything new, just transfer everything, thus have spent the weekend doing that and putting the redirects in place to ensure I don’t miss anything.

I have also downloaded and trialling Google Chrome, as it has been recommended.  I am a bit dubious about this as I quite like the gadgets you get in Firefox, but am always willing to give it a shot.  I will try it for a week and see what I think.  The first impressions are favorable.

Will be interesting to see how it all goes.

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