Hypocrisy? Me? Surely not!

Published On July 18, 2011 » 1400 Views» Kingsway, Quedgeley - Fieldcourt
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Sometimes the irony of some situations just makes you laugh.

I got a phone call from one of the reporters at the Citizen yesterday afternoon, to ask about the situation with the travellers that ‘invaded’ Kingsway a couple of weeks ago, as it ties in with the eviction of the travellers just off the M5.

So there I was, telling Sarah about how people in Kingsway did feel a bit vulnerable, and that if QUVL had opened the road 12/18 months ago as we have been campaigning for, then it would not have happened etc.  It wasn’t until I had put the phone down that one of my friends pointed out that I had been very critical of the travellers considering I was at that point having a few drinks with friends whilst sitting in a Yurt.

Have to say though, it was the first time I had been in a Yurt, and it was really cool and a great experience.  Though I’m not sure if I could live in one full-time like our friends are, but I could see one of these Yurt holidays happening, especially as the prices are coming down a bit as they become more popular.

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  1. BS Burns. says:

    If the incinerator gets the nod, perhaps we can all take our yurts, caravans and tents up to Javelin Park and occupy the site. 😉

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