And so the new journey begins

Published On January 27, 2012 » 1234 Views» Random

Yesterday was my final day at BAE Systems and so I had all the fun things like the leaving speech, exit interview and after work drinks.  I thought I might start getting cold feet about my new venture, but there was nothing like that, it was all really good.  Now its a day off to take it all in before full speed ahead with K Sharp on Monday.

The one thing that did hit me was that I had been with BAE for seven years, in fact it had been over 7 years but in many ways I was lucky in that I had a number of different projects that took me around different parts of the business and doing new things.

Anyway, I had a nice leaving speech and a speedy exit interview to give back the array of stuff I had acquired over the years then down to Bristol for a few drinks.  Starting of in Las Iguanas and ending up in Hooters, it was quite good fun especially because  of the people who turned up.

So I have a day of unemployment and then onwards and upwards 🙂

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  1. Eddie says:

    The very best of luck with your new business Barry

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