Kingsway “Fight-back”

Published On September 13, 2010 » 1575 Views» Kingsway, Residents Association

After the article in the Citizen last week, I rang the paper with a complaint about the way it was done and its balance.

I was offered the opportunity to write a reply, which I duly did, and here it is published today and, as far as I can tell, without editing.

Have a read and, especially if you’re a Kingsway Resident, tell me if you think I got it right.

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2 Responses to Kingsway “Fight-back”

  1. Eddie says:

    Yes, I think your tone was about right. It only takes a few bad apples……..

  2. matthaslam says:

    Good article response. I read the original article and was surprised about the ‘Kingsway is the crime capital of the world’ theme! I know that website is prone to sensational reporting but it made the situation seem pretty dire.

    Kingsway will continue to have some problems (as any area does) until the construction is complete, the rods are surfaced, the school beds in and the shops and local centre services are up and running. The open spaces and allotments also need to be installed. If the masterplan isn’t complete, the overall vision for the estate won’t be realised. The time to judge will be a number of years after completion, but the time up to that point is obviously very important too.


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