Kingsway School 2 – Promising start, but what about Stage 2?

I’m currently hoping I will have to eat my words where I said the new school couldn’t be built by September 2013 – There is activity on site and the Academy partnership has been selected.  So with 11 months to go, maybe it can all be put together in time.  However that gives us the next problem, what happens to the pupils come age 11?  We have already seen Kingsway School 1 fill up really rapidly, and the other primary schools are the same, so what happens when this influx of students need Secondary education, when all the local schools can only just cope with the current student population?

South Gloucester needs another secondary school and in fairly short order!

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  1. Richard Bard says:

    Building new primary schools doesn’t make more children Barry, that’s another process entirely.

  2. Barry says:

    Don’t you start, I have an 8 year old daughter who is asking scary questions…….

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