Kingsway starts business and community growth – Seeing the “End of the Beginning”

This year in Kingsway should see the estate boom, with many of the community aspects coming to life throughout 2011 for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The local Centre, by the Kingsway Primary School should be in place around mid year and already there is a sign up on the entrance to Kingsway that the Chemist will open in the beginning of March.  Though that may be slightly optimistic because that’s only a few weeks away and while all the groundwork is in, there is no actual bricks been laid yet, or I couldn’t see any yesterday when I went around there, but having seen just how quickly houses can be built, then it is possible with enough willpower.  The new Childrens Centre was built quite quickly and looks very good indeed.

We will also see the sports facilities being put in, including the Football and Rugby pitches as well as Tennis Courts and a new play area targeted at older kids.  I have been involved with the design of the new Community Centre and that should be in place in time to hold the Kingsway RA AGM in November which would be really good.  It is anticipated that all these facilities will be ran locally, so now is the time for local sports clubs to be engaging, as well as residents with a sporting side, to think about what they can do and what they would like to do.  Kingsway RFC, Kingsway Cricket Club and maybe even Kingsway Bowls club could be easily set up as the founding clubs to make use of the facilities.

There are still a number of outstanding question marks, particularly over the provision of a Doctors Surgery and whilst letters have been written to the PCT, this could be further hampered by the shake up of the NHS, but there is a possibility that if the new GP consortium gets off the ground and fulfils the Government remit, then we might see provision to reflect the community needs.

There is obviously a risk that a lot of the items could be delayed further, and if this does happen, then I think this will be devastating for Kingsway, therefore the Residents Association is doing all it can to push development has hard as it can.  With many home owners seeing properties losing around £40k on 2007 prices, then these projects could be the injection that will boost the local market at just the right time.

I think this is a really important year for Kingsway, these facilities will provide the foundations that we have been lacking for developing community cohesion.   Kingsway residents have had to deal with basic issues for far too long, but with the adoption by local government beginning in May and therefore more “finishing touches” being put on phases that have been left unfinished for over 4 years, then in many ways we are starting to see the “End of the Beginning”.

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  1. bazkirby says:

    As an update, I have since found out that the Chemist will be opening in a Portacabin while the Local centre is being built, so it seems its full steam ahead.

    I have spoken to Peter Badham and he was really keen to get involved 🙂

  2. Joe K says:

    ‘It is anticipated that all these facilities will be ran locally, so now is the time for local sports clubs to be engaging, as well as residents with a sporting side, to think about what they can do and what they would like to do.’

    This is crucial indeed, Barry. As someone who could do with a little more structure on the homefront (hopefully getting there, bit by bit), I can see the benefit of organised sports/events. The alternative is to watch the young people grow ever more alienated from communal activities, which will hurt them as much, if not more, than anyone else.

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