let’s hear a cheer for Kingsway

Published On August 12, 2010 » 1345 Views» Kingsway

This article in the Citizen is a much refreshing change from what Kingway usually got a year or so ago.

There was a Kingsway Fun day yesterday organised by the Housing Associations and my wife went along  (I couldn’t as I was at work).  She said it was good, though as it was hosted in Waterwells, then quite a long way to go.  Given what was there,  they maybe should have held it in the Big Park where we held the Big Lunch, but if they do it again next year then either better links will be in place, or it can actually be held in Kingsway.

They had good support from the Police and Fire Service as well as a lot of other “stalls”.

Ian Mean, the editor of the Citizen, also had positive comments about it, though I did “roll my eyes” at the line

“It is interesting that in today’s report Catherine Hewer, from Gloucestershire Housing Association, believes Kingsway is often perceived negatively.

There really is no reason why that should be the case – as we report, the area is bursting with pride.”

One of the main reasons for the negative perception was the onslaught of negative press from the Citizen, at that time.  However, this has now changed and I am pleased that the Citizen reporters are working with us, particularly David Thomas, to give Kingsway fair reporting.  Though I am still miffed that they spent a lot of time “bigging up” our Big Lunch event, for them not to print anything about the day itself.  But such is life.

I think Catherine Hewer from GHA, should be rightly proud of organising such an event, to get 300 people on a working day is brilliant, and yet another opportunity for Kingsway residents to socialise, not only with each other but to also act as “hosts” to others from Gloucester.

To finish I will nick another line from Ian Mean, “So let’s hear a cheer for Kingsway” – Yes, Lets!

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