My Miliband Story (via naomi goggin photography.)

Published On October 28, 2010 » 1333 Views» Politics

This is a great story, on one side, just showing what a bit of determination can achieve, and secondly a bit of insight into David Miliband and his composure before his announcement. On both fronts, quite inspirational.

My Miliband Story A few weeks after the event, but now the photograph has been released – in the Times Newspaper (p25) and on TimesOnline – today and the competition has finished, I can give my full story on meeting David Miliband. On the Tuesday Evening Scott Montgomery, the Night Pictures Editor for the Times called to inform me I had been shortlisted for the Times Canon Young Photographer Competition. The final assignment was to go and photograph a newsworthy s … Read More

via naomi goggin photography.

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    I like the new theme Barry. I get a lot less errors with this one.

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    Thanks Eddie, I didn’t realise you got errors with the last one, you should have said.

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