NHS Direct to be slashed

Published On December 23, 2010 » 969 Views» Politics

NHS Direct, that really useful phone service is being slashed.  I think this is a devastating cut.  Having young children, it is so useful to be able to ring up when they are ill to talk to someone about their symptoms and get advice about the next steps.  Even if it’s just “it sounds like they have something mild, just give Calpol” it provides some reassurance and more importantly then I’m not wasting a doctor’s surgery time.  I know others use it too, particularly the elderly when wanting advice about a partner.  This is quite important for this age group, particularly those who “don’t want to bother the nice doctor”, the HS Direct line enables someone to say that they do need to come and bother the nice doctor!

If this isn’t front line, then I don’t know what is!

Such a bad, bad, bad idea!

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