No-one is laughing now!

Published On April 18, 2011 » 1023 Views» Politics

Its not often I like to use the National Labour Party Videos on my blog.  Not that there is anything wrong with them, its just that they are already out there so just a straight copy doesn’t achieve much in my opinion.

However, this video by Ed I think is particularly striking.  His point about the comments about the “Squeezed middle Class” is spot on.  it was easy to hypothesize before the cuts came in, lots of argument about what the effect would be.  However we now see, frighteningly, what the effect really is.

I keep going on about it, but the Growth figures are particularly scary.  Without growth, we will have had these painful cuts and nothing to show for them.  The Osborne gamble is not working and we are suffering.  The Green Bin Charges by Gloucester City Council have proven that they can not be trusted with providing services that benefit the City as a whole.  Instead its Cut after Cut, to suit their Tory/Lib Dem mandates in Westminster, in the belief that we will forget it come the next General Election.

One thing is for sure, the way they are going, they are making it very hard to forget indeed!  It’s not funny, and I don’t see anyone laughing!

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