Welcome back my reality TV Mojo
Scottish nutrionist Gillian McKeith.

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I used to love my reality TV, I remember the first Big Brother and how Amanda had to record the final as I had to go to Sandhurst and then watch it on my first leave weekend.

Then the advent of a lot of the others, I had to watch them all.  I used the excuse that I enjoy the psychological side of things, but I was also just a sucker for the drama.

Then it all started to wane, I wouldn’t watch as much, work would get in the way and once we missed a few, then it was easy to miss more.

However, we happened to watch Im A Celeb tonight, and Gillian McKeith “fainting” for the live trail, and Im back on the wagon.


Oh and its worth noting here that Linford Christie is an absolute legend.

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