Richard Graham embarrasses Gloucester…again

Published On November 16, 2010 » 2166 Views» Politics
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"It certainly Shouldn't happen again" - Image via Wikipedia

A While ago Richard Graham outlined his target to do more than his predecessor, Parmjit Dhanda, and it seems he is succeeding, at least in the ability to publicly humiliate himself and his Gloucester Constituents.

Not for the first time he has made an embarrassing Gaffe in Westminster and has been rebuked by Speaker Bercow.

Trying to be a bit of a smart alec when the congratulations about Prince Williams engagement was announced in the commons, he said

“Would the minister agree with me that the logic of the policy outlined by the members opposite is that any child from Prince William and Catherine Middleton would in fact not benefit from the child tax..[cue much laughing]…er… would benefit…”

This earned him a verbal reprimand from Mr Bercow

“Members really shouldn’t use references to the Royal Family. It is strongly to be deprecated and it certainly shouldn’t happen again.”

He might now owe David Gauke MP a bottle of Port for jumping in and getting him out of his self dug hole.

I’m pleased he is not my MP……oh, yes, that’s right he is.

Still, at least he was actually there this time!

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5 Responses to Richard Graham embarrasses Gloucester…again

  1. Eddie says:

    Personally I couldnt care less about the German family we have calling themself Royal. Apart from the tourist value, what place is there in the modern world for them ? Divine right of Kings?

  2. Joe K says:

    And the silly man can’t even spell Katherine Middleton’s name right, even though she’s been in the public eye for nigh on ten years…

    On the same page as Eddie, here. As I’ve not hesitated to say, I haven’t been hugely impressed with Graham’s performance thus far, but Bercow has always struck me as a bit of a joke, who got the job as much because Labour wanted to embarrass the Tories as for any qualities he can bring to the role. Bloke just fancies himself too much, and pays as much lip service to any real parliamentary protocol as Nicholas Parsons does to the rules of ‘Just A Minute’. Best wishes to William and Kate, but MPs should be permitted to talk rubbish about them as much as anyone or anything else.

  3. Joe K says:

    Incidentally, Barry, I notice that since the ‘Reduction in County Councillors’ entry, you’ve been making use of pictures, usually taken from Wikipedia. It livens up a page, but you may want to avoid overdoing it, as I think you did with the Charles Kennedy pic. Tom Harris would have added a ‘whimsy’ tag if he was suggesting something that wasn’t true, via text or image…

  4. bazkirby says:

    I’m quite a fan of the Royal Family as a figure head, as are many Military people, it is they who we swear the oath of allegiance to. Similarly, Magistrates do the same.

    But I think the basics are, it is against common convention to bring the Royals into political bickering in the Commons and not only did Graham do that, but he also made himself look a right plonker by fluffing his “smart alec” comment.

    Whatever you think of Becow, he was right to comment on it, but also I thought the comments by David Gaulke were good to help Graham out.

    I don’t think this is as big a thing as his last 2 gaffes, but 3 publicised screw ups in 6 months has to be some sort of record?

    Joe – I have been making use of the newer facilities in wordpress which suggests photos, but your right, I should make it a bit clearer – I just saw that photo and thought it was amusing.

  5. Joe K says:

    It does look very nice, Barry. I should be looking into these ‘aps’ myself, now I seem to have been put in charge of the partnership newsletter, and have about a week to put it all together, for better or worse.

    As for this ‘gaffe’, though, I still think it’s a long stretch to raise it to the level of the other two. I just don’t think Bercow is taken that seriously. It’s also quite surprising that so many commenters on TiG are not showing a lot of deference to the happy couple. I thought I was supposed to be the nasty, negative nelly..?

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