“They never ask me what I want!” – well now they are – Over 30 and want a good night out in Gloucester?

Published On October 3, 2012 » 1652 Views» Gloucester

Many people who I talk to about ideas for the community come back with comments like “they never ask me what I want” and “why should I get involved, they never listen”.  This always saddens me because it is so often true, or its done in such a way that you never know its happened.  However, the City Council Night Time Economy group is asking for your views on what you would like to see in Gloucester, particularly focused on the over 30’s.  So, if your of the right age and wand to have an evening more focused towards what you like, then fill out the questionnaire.


At least if you fill it out and they don’t do what you want, you can legitimately moan, if they don;t know what you want, how can they do it?

(And for reference, it’s all about the cheesy dancing 🙂 )

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