I was a Zombie, not a Pumpkin……

Published On November 1, 2011 » 2015 Views» Kingsway, Residents Association

We had a fantastic night last night, putting on the Kingsway Halloween event at the Little Park.  So many kids with parents in tow, coming to say hello and thankfully the weather was kind to us too.  I was really pleased that the Residents Committee had done such a good job in pulling it together.

For me, this is what the Residents Association is all about, putting on events to bring the community together and I think we achieved that last night.  My kids decided I was to go as a Zombie, so on went my “prison” overalls and with some makeup and red marker, I was fit to scare.  However some people decided that I may have been more like a pumpkin given the bright orange nature of the coveralls.   It was also really good to see the police being supportive, we regularly had visits to make sure all was ok – though I think the Chocolate was also a great incentive 😉

We started the evening with a huge amount of chocolate, and it all disappeared within an hour and a half, (the parents enjoyed it as much as the children).  We had a host of carved pumpkins too, which was nice.

We simplified it a bit this year, as the best dressed competition was jus far too much hassle, and we think that this was a good thing!  What we need to do is review what we could do better, or what could we add to the event to improve it, whilst keeping it simple and enjoyable for everyone.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us.

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2 Responses to I was a Zombie, not a Pumpkin……

  1. Barry says:

    I rememebr your Hubby very well, I thought his costume was really good and I believe I told him so at the time 🙂

    Im looking forward to thinking about what we can do to improve it for next year.

  2. Barry says:


    This was printed in the Citizen. Should be fun to see any of the comments

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