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Quedgeley Fun Day and my criminal tendencies

by Barry

Today was the Quedgeley fun day, organised by the parish council. Held in Dimore II, a big open space just off School Lane in Quedgeley.

I turned up at 9am to help set up the day, with tables and chairs to be distributed and gazebos to put up. Many other organisations put on stalls and displays of various types. By the time noon arrived, the field had been transformed and the first people were arriving.

Unfortunately the weather was not brilliant, and that coupled with it being fathers day led to not as many people turning us as in previous years, but that said there was still quite a few people turned up.

I had the enormous responsibility of running the bouncy castle, as well as being a part in the police murder mystery quiz, which was pretty cool, except quite a few of the kids thought I was the criminal, maybe it was my general shifty nature, but there was more than one kid who wanted to cart me off to PC Fraser Mackie and PC Lucy Kay to be clapped in irons.

All in all a good day, with lots of ideas for next year which is cool too.

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