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Who am I?  Interesting question, when you work it out, please let me know.

At home, I’m husband to Amanda and father to Eloise, Holly and Leo.  We live in Gloucester, though not originally from anywhere near here but have made lots of  friends and it now very much feels like home.  I grew up in the seaside town of Silloth, then after finishing my Education and time in the Military, I moved to Worcester to live with Amanda and then we moved to Gloucester.

At work, I am the Managing Director of K Sharp, a Human Factors and Systems Engineering Consultancy.  Previous to this I worked for BAE Systems as a Human Factors Scientist, this is my 3rd “career” as I started in the Army, went on to be a software engineer and have got to where I am now.

I am a real fan of community activity and volentary work, having set up or helped set up a number of groups and clubs, and getting involved in a number of others.  Some of these include Kingsway Residents Association, Severn FM, Copeland Park Residents Group, Malvern Angels Rugby Club,

I have been a County Councillor in Gloucestershire (2013-2017), and have been a Parish Councillor for Quedgeley (now a Town council).  I am a signed up, card carrying member of the Labour Party.  I have a passion for getting involved where I can, this is because I believe that rather than just moaning that something is wrong, I prefer to get stuck in.

This site contains my own opinion and that of the comment contributors.  My comments are NOT those of the Justice system, Magistrates, any local Government system, any employer (Past or Present) or the Labour party – my comments are my own.

Comments Policy for this site.

In essence, I will not be heavy hand moderating anyone’s contribution to this site, however moderation is in place for new posters (just your first post) and for Spam avoidance (in essence if you post more than one link).  This also means that I will probably leave all your spelling mistakes in place as you should check before you click, and by my own admission, my spelling isn’t great to begin with.

You must remember though, that this is my train set and I do reserve the right to remove anything that I deem too offensive, especially if it is offensive to others, without explanation or apology.  By the same token, please think before you post, as I may not always be around to remove it in a timely manner, or may not even want to if its useful to the debate.

All that said, I have thick skin, and enjoy a good debate, so please contribute.


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