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Barry Kirby – “Best thing since sliced bread!”

by Barry


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Sometimes, things happen which just make you smile and very humble too. We had the pleasure of going to our friends this afternoon for drinks and BBQ.  I nipped home to pick up some stuff, and on the way a young girl stopped me and said “We can vote for you soon”.  To which I said, yes, but are you going to?.  She replied ” Yes…..my dad says your the best thing since sliced bread”.

On the face of it, I was stunned that a girl of no more than 11 or 12 recognised me and what I was doing, never mind that she would stop me in the street and say something.  Its not like I was dressed in my suit, which is what I am wearing in my leaflet pictures.  It was also stunning that they as a family had obviously been talking about the elections and who they wanted to vote for.

When I grew up, we didn’t really talk politics at all, never mind who people voted for.  It has only really since I have settled down with my family that we have wanted to get involved with our local community.  So I was really chuffed that this family obviously had been talking about it, and talking about it as a family.

As for being the best thing since sliced bread, well I’m not going to argue with the electorate.

Amanda has just reminded me that its only 12 days to go, its getting close.

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