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The Next Big Thing – SevernFM

by Barry

As many people know, I love community projects and helping out where I can, however, I’ve never really had one that one comes along and turns me back about 17 years and tickles a childhood dream.  Well that changed when I met up with Andy Clarke who lives in Hardwicke and we had a chat about the internet radio station he has set up for the local south Gloucester Community.  The Station has been running for a couple of weeks now but Andy has a vision for a real community radio station and I feel very honoured to be asked to come on board to help.

I have always been fascinated by radio.  When I lived in Silloth, one of my Neighbours worked for BBC Radio and a local Hospital radio in which he would make BBC quality programs in his garage and I used to love being able to use his studio and he also had me as a guest on his show at the hospital radio station.  I, along with another student (Ben Bush) at Solway Community School had the idea for a school station and spent a lot of time planning it and working out what we could do with it.  It was unfortunate that we couldn’t  get the funding.

Andy, along with PC Fraser Mackie and a few other people have formed a Community Interest Company to run this radio station and the idea is that it really brings together different parts of the community and becomes a real useful facility in a “not for profit” way.

I have to be honest in that I havn’t really explored the idea of internet radio yet, but it is really easy, either go to the website and stream from there, or I have found a free radio client called TuneIn which are in the Apple App store and Android Market.  If you sign in for an account online, then all your preset stations are automatically updated.  I don;t know if this is the best one, if anyone has better suggestions then please say.

Under the current licence we will be able to broadcast on FM for 2 months of the year, so we will be announcing how and when in the future.  (though we have to build the Studio and the like first, though we think we have a building just need everything else), and we will be contacting local companies to see if they would want to buy advertising (hint to the wise: if you contact me ( or email [email protected]) and offer early on, your pretty much guaranteed to get a good deal – so get in touch!).  We will also be applying for grants and the like, so again, if you have any good suggestions about where to apply to, please drop me a line.

It’s still really early days,  but it is streaming now, go find out more at www.severnfm.com and tell us what you think, and more importantly what you would like to hear and if you want to get involved.

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Eddie August 6, 2011 - 12:20 pm

Get in touch Barry. I’m about to start advertising again

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