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Boundary Bull! – Pull it back to why Westgate is important to Gloucester

by Barry

In the latest developments of what is now turning into a petty saga of the Tories trying to defend their plans by coming up with any reasoning at all, including making it up.

Chris Chatterton, Secretary for the Gloucester Labour Party wrote a piece for the Citizen that was published yesterday that outlined the “other” proposal which keeps Westgate in the Gloucester Boundary and how Labour have worked on a proposal that has agreement and is a workable solution.

The Tories have finally realised that there is a rule book and have been cramming to find where the Labour submission breaks the rules, and they couldn’t find it.  So instead they have decided to make it up, just like when they said there is no other workable solution (which there is).   

The other cry is that we are obviously doing this to better our chances in the next election, but in reality, look at the figures for both Westgate and Hucclecote – Ironically we would probably do better if the Westgate proposal went through as there is more chance (statistically) of us winning Hucclecote than there is Westgate.  They are largely Tory and Lib Dem wards.  This is a proposal based on achieving the best result for residents, not for gerrymandering any results.

Isn’t it just time for the Local Tories to admit they have got it wrong – If they won’t listen to us, then listen to their own party, at the hearings, their own National Executive outlined that they do not support the local Tory proposition, none of the other Gloucestershire MPs support it and neither it seems do some of the Local Tory Councillors either.

In any case, I think the real problem is that it has turned into a political turf war, the message about why Westgate should remain in Gloucester Parliamentary boundary has been lost and is the message that should have stayed right at the top.  It’s not because the residents are any more or less important than those in Hucclecote, but more about how we want to see our city grow and we all know just how the city centre needs continued regeneration.  Without the Gloucester MP being able to influence the regeneration from Parliament then we lose an important driver in the developemnt of the city centre!

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Joe K December 1, 2011 - 4:36 am

You’re starting to sound a wee bit petty yourself, Barry, and I thought you were better than that.

If any message has been lost, or for that matter never grasped in the first place by any of you politicians, it’s the one that goes, ‘Big deal, so what if Westgate goes to the Forest, if that’s what Bastin thought would be a good idea?’

Would anyone consider getting behind this proposal? Westgate is switched, just like the commission want, but its residents and businesses still, in the unlikely event that they ever feel the need to contact an MP, contact Richard Graham. He continues to represent their interests to the city council, in an informal agreement with Mark Harper.

Sounds crazy? No crazier than what we’re all being asked to swallow, and TiG’s self-serving, paper-pushing hyperbole to boot. There are so many bigger problems, causing real harm, that this is distracting us from.


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