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Breastfeeding city – Leeds – Brilliant example

by Barry

Just heard on the news that Leeds is showing some leadership/drive and responsibility by really pushing a scheme to make mothers feel more comfortable/acceptable about breastfeeding in public.

I think this Is a great thing. I never fail to be stunned by some Peoples attitudes to what is one of the most natural things in the world and that breastfeeding is not given the complete support that it should be, especially post-birth.

It’s worth noting though that this scheme is only a “publicity drive” as it is already law that mothers can feed as they wish, but many people still believe it is not possible as well as feel intimidated about doing so. That is not really surprising when you hear some of the attitudes of people being interviewed.

Maybe Gloucester City Council could look at a similar idea or come up with something original to help with the perception issues and positively promote breastfeeding in Gloucester City.

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