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New Bus Services for Grange and Kingsway (and the County as a whole)

by Barry

The bus services around the county are in for a big shake up starting next week.  I’m rather disappointed in these changes for the main reason that no-one seems to have been consulted as to the routes and they have been dropped on us.  On the plus side, the service will now take in Copeland Park but I think it is rather embarrassing for the County Council Administration not to be consulted in these changes especially as we (the tax payer) subsidise some of the services.  In any case, the best information I have is as follows:

The 14/15/16 service for Gloucester – Kingsway – Stroud will be replaced with a 66 service which go between City Centre and Kingsway ASDA.  The new route will take in Streamside in Copeland Park and utilise the Bus gate between there are Kingsway.

The letter after the 66 (can be E, S, F or Q) denotes the route it will take.  The 66E & 66S will serve Hardwicke, Standish, Stonehouse and Stroud.  The 66F or 66Q will serve the Kingsway Primary School and Matalan every 30 minutes.   The 66F will also go to Saul, Frampton and Frethene.  The 66Q will go via Rudloe Drive, Wendling Road, Bulmer Avenue, Goose Bay Drive, Brize Avenue, Thatcham Avenue and Valley Gardens.  The way this is detailed makes me think it is going to go “backwards” to its current route.  I believe this is leading to new bus stops within Kingsway, so as soon as I have firm details I will publish them.

The 208 service to Cam and Dursley station is being withdrawn due to lack of use.

That is a bit confusing so here are some links to maps –





And this is the link to the timetable itself – 66 Timetable


I am currently not convinced the proposed routes around Kingsway is safe as some of the roads are not straight and therefore we will see more issues as we see at the top of Thatcham Avenue.  The required yellow lines are not down and many people have enough issues with cars being parked on the likes of Brize Avenue as it is.  Finally I hope that the bus drivers will take more care regarding their speed than they do at present.

These have clearly been thought about by Stagecoach, and I think its disgusting that we are only finding out with a few days to go and not all the infrastructure in place.

Good Luck everybody…




Toby Long November 2, 2014 - 10:57 pm

Hi Barry , I live on Brize Ave and was told by Barratts before purchasing the house in Feb this year that this would not be a bus route nor double yellows – would not have bought if this was to be the case . As you say , we as residents have not been informed , only read it on spotted !!!!
Can we petition ? Where will visitors park or families with more that one car as garages are not big enough for the larger car these days .
When will double yellows be laid ???
It will be utter chaos – we all need to park somewhere
Am extremely annoyed especially as we have not been consulted or even informed .
Many thanks

Trish long November 4, 2014 - 9:01 am

Hi Barry what I have noticed is now the buses are going both ways through the no entry part past kingsway school.
Its an accident waiting to happen and as you say the speed of some of those buses is ridiculous.
Someone is going to be killed on the blind part of the bus route ie between the post box and the entrance to the park as there is no way those drivers can see around the corner.
I live on the no entry part and the amount of vehicles that go through there in a day is extortionate. The council must be making a fortune at £60 a fine.


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