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Every Business need found within Gloucester

by Barry

Having spent the past month setting up my new business I have been very pleasantly surprised just how much of what I needed has been found within Gloucester.

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It has really helped that I have been able to draw upon my experiences of getting so heavily involved with the community activities that I have got to know people who have proved to be really helpful in providing good quality advice and services. 

In the first instance, it is great that my Accountant (TASB Accountancy) lives just round the corner from me on Kingsway and has been on hand to help get things set up and be flexible in terms of how I wanted to run things.  I have my website (www.ksharp.co.uk) all up and running thanks to Softdata Internet which is based in Westgate and got things up and running for me in lightning time, ready for me to upload my site, even though it was the Christmas Period.  Then being able to get my Business Cards designed and printed by Werxco on Waterwells Business Park.

I’m sure there will be more things in the future, but I was really pleased that I could get up and running while keeping all my business needs within Gloucester itself.  Lets hope this continues with my list of needs as the business gets underway.

Two weeks to go 🙂

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