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Business is just the medicine for Kingsway

by Barry

Today saw the opening of the first business that will occupy the local centre when it is complete in the Middle of the year.

imageFrom the outside it looks like a portacabin but inside is a fully functioning pharmacy.

This is down to the enthusiasm and motivation of Peter Badham, the owner of Badham Pharmacy. Having been let down in trying to get a service on Kingsway twice before, he was determined not to let it happen again and therefore he did not let the lack of a building get in his way to ensuring his business was running by the deadline set by the PCT.  If he had not taken this approach then we would have had to wait another 12 months or so to see any improvement here.


Peter did come to the most recent residents Association meeting, and I was very impressed by the way he presented his business and also invited community involvement.  When the local centre is built, he will also have 4 other units, and he was very open in asking what we as residents wanted, and the next day he was giving me feedback about what he had found with regard to the suggestions.  He also wants to help solve the Post Office problem by having it in the pharmacy instead of waiting for the every elusive one at Tesco.

I wish Peter and his team the best of luck and hope that this drive and determination is setting the example for the way forward.

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portable cabin guy March 24, 2011 - 2:36 pm

It’s really great to see an enthusiastic entrepreneur at work – good luck to him and the community. It would have been even better had he been using one of our portable cabins! 🙂


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