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Business, Slimbridge, friends and Pimms

by Barry

This weekend has been simply fantastic.  Having taken Friday off to go to Farnborough and meet up with folks there, we also went out yesterday to Slimbridge for their evening event and it has been a long time since I have been able to relax and enjoy the time with friends and family.  While it was not all completely great, it was pretty much up there.

I went to Farnborough to meet up with folks I used to work with on the Harrier and it was really nice to be able to catch up with them all and see what they had got up to since they left.  Some have stayed within the company and others have moved onto pastures new.  But I only spent a couple of hours there before meeting up with a Gent who I used to work with a bit more recently and had dinner with him and his wife for a catch up with what he has got up to after leaving the company and setting up as a Training consultant.

After sleeping in the Hotel in Farnborough where I spent a good chunk of the past 7 years, it was a trip back home to find Amanda was very excited to get our new Vacuum and Kettle (has she finally become a housewife?)

We then went to Slimbridge with the Clarke Family.  It was an evening event where they put on Music and Pimms and the weather was still lush.  We took a picnic and while the kids played the girls (grown up ones) had Pimms and Andy and I enjoyed a couple of beers.  For the first time we had a go ont he Canoe Safari, where Andy had the Boys and I took the Girls.  I didn’t realise just how big the canoe route was and we really enjoyed being out on the water.  I think a proper canoe trip somewhere, maybe up the Lakes or on the river Wye might be in order.  We then wandered back to the beginning.  It was such a nice way to see the birds and have a chilled out time with friends.

The evening was nicely topped off by going back to Chez Clarke and drinking Cider in the Hot Tub – What more can you ask for.  It was absolutely perfect timing, as with so many things going on at the moment, it could be really easy to get overwhelmed but it was really great to take some time out and enjoy the time.

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