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Car Tax at Quedgeley Post Office – Sign the Petition

by Barry

Cllr Fred Wood has set up an online petition to “encourage” the Post office to allow the ability to purchase Car Tax at Quedgeley Post office.  It is hoped that this may go someway to improving the currently little used facility and secure the future of the Post office in the longer term.

I have to admit, I was not going to push this.  I think its ridiculous that so much expense and effort has gone into re-securing the Post office at Quedgeley that if the Post Office can not see that providing as many services as possible is in the best interest of the business as well as the community, well more fool them.  I would have thought that our MP, Richard Graham, would be able to put some direct action onto this as he is Secretary of the APPG for Post Offices.  But it seems not, and the Quedgeley Post Office is suffering because not many people are using it, which is quite ironic considering the uproar when it closed.

So, having said that I wasn’t going to do it, why have you just read two Paragraphs of me saying that I wasn’t going to do it, yet I now am?  Well (and as much as it pains me to give credit to a Tory 😉 ) Fred, at the Parish Full Council meeting on Monday made a rather good speech that we should be doing all we can for the local Post Office to remain open.  Maybe not for ourselves, but for those in our community who really need it.  The main drive here was for the elderly who do not make the full use of the email and internet. 

Yes, those of you that are reading this will probably do your car tax online, and make great use of the internet for email and the like, but please do spare a thought for those in our community who can not use this technology for whatever reason.  They need to have those facilities. 

So, please do sign the petition, maybe not for yourself, but for your neighbour and your community. 


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