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Carnival Fever in Gloucester – Loved it!

by Barry

Yesterday was the Gloucester Carnival and I was a bit nervous to see just how the changes to the format of the day would work out and also just how the Severn FM crew would be received.  However I didn’t need to worry at all, it was brilliant.  The weather was great, there was over 30 entries in the parade and the crowds came out in droves to see what the carnival had to offer.

Severn FM Crew

I really enjoy the atmosphere of a carnival and that’s one of the reasons I was so pleased to be involved.  When we got down to the Westgate Car park, it was bedlam with floats, dancers and other entries jostling for space to get prepared.  There were some fantastic community entries, and the City Councillors float was a welcome break from the more staid approach they have taken in the past.

City Councillors Float

There is still room for improvement, I have had lots of comments back already, mostly good, but there is a common thread to the negative comments which I will pass on and see what we can do about it.

I hope people can see how easy it is to enter and have a great time and that next year they will get stuck in, already the Severn FM crew are talking about what they can do to improve next year.


As for now, I’m looking at the photos I got from the day and have a very satisfied grin on my face 🙂

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