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Chairing my final Public Meeting of Kingsway RA…

by Barry

In 2008, I arranged the very first public meeting of the residents of Kingsway.  After over 4 years of working with many different people, agencies and organisations to address a wide range of problems and issues from grass cutting to anti Social Behaviour as well as putting on many events from Festivals to Halloween – last Wednesday saw me presenting my final public Meeting as Chair of the Kingsway Residents Association.

I had put together a presentation of what we have achieved since we started, and it wasn’t really until I had done that, that I realised just how much work we as a committee had done.  It was even better because there were quite a few new faces at what proved to be quite a packed meeting and to go over what we had achieved, as well as pointing out what we had not done but had the ambition to do and could be achieved in the future.  It has been a great challenge and experience and has certainly made me appreciate what goes into making a place like Kingsway to mean much more than bricks and Mortar.

I am very proud of what we have achieved and it was with some sadness that I called the meeting to a close.  I thank all of those people who stopped to say thank you at the end of the meeting, and have written to me since.

I do want to reassure people though, both of the new committee and of all residents, that I am still here to help where I can.  I am still committed to my values of Community and will continue to work hard for where we live, just in different ways.

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