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Christmas Light Switch on – Gloucester at its best

by Barry

This weekend my family and I attended the switching on of the lights, the Christmas Parade and the celebration in the Cathedral.  I thought it was magnificent, and just shows that Gloucester can really showcase itself when it wants to, and its often the simple ideas that work really well.

I really enjoyed the procession, especially as you know all the effort from local school children that has gone into it, and hopefully I will put up some photos that I took of it. 

Also great to see it supported by our Mayor, Andy Lewis and leader of the City Council, Paul James, as well as a few other “notables”.  On going into the Cathedral, I think they have once again set the right tone and was a real celebration, with lots of people cramming their way to be part of it.  It was also a lovely treat to hear Mary-Jess Leaverland singing back in her home city after her success in China. 

All in all, a great event, and something everyone should be proud of.

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