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City Budget (via Cllr Kate Haigh’s Blog)

by Barry

Cllr Kate Haigh was at the meeting on Thursday where the City Council voted through a Budget that many will feel the pain very keenly indeed. It seems to be a budget that will affect those less able and less well off, as well as sending a very odd message on recycling and the Environment.

However, at least the Tories finally admitted their part in the current situation. Cllr Paul James opened with the remarks that for the past 4 years he has stated that this would be a tough budget and this year, it is more true than ever. I think that remark shows an underlying truth. The Tory and Lib Dem councillors are very quick to blame the previous Government for the cuts, but there is a point here that every year our Tory council has complained that they have not got enough funding from the Government and asked for more. They have been the ones in power for the past number of years, so why are they now complaining about too many back room staff and keeping too many services? It’s the Tories and Lib-Dems who put them there. It begs the question, just who is to blame for our overspending at a local level?

Kate believes that a “back room deal” was done with the Lib Dems, given the way that the motions went through. If thats the case, then it just proves that locally as well as nationally, that the Lib Dems, while talking the talk, just fail to back it up with real action.

On the Door step today, I asked residents if they were going to use their green bin, now they woudl be charged for it, no one said yes. They all have said that they will self compost, or just black bin it. So much for that revenue for the council and so much for the Environment. Whats worse is that if this trend goes right through the City, then we will be worse off as the Council will have contracted Enterprise for a minimum service, which we will have to pay for anyway, so costing more money.

And thats only one issue, there are so many serious cuts, like Youth services, Libraries and Voluntary support, that its hard to keep up with, you almost feel ‘punch drunk’ as the cuts keep coming hard and fast.

City Budget At yesterday's budget meeting the Labour Group proposed a series of amendments which would have put more money to the voluntary sector, helped people struggling with debt, saved jobs, and not introduced charges for green waste that equate to more than 20% on Council tax. They were all defeated with the Lib Dems preferring to put money aside in case we need more strimming and the Tories wanting to put money aside for 'organisational transformation … Read More

via Cllr Kate Haigh's Blog

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Joe K February 27, 2011 - 1:41 am

This is a case in point, Barry. Do you think Kate Haigh is ever going to read one of your blog entries, write one of her own about it, and post a link back to your original? Not a chance. Then again, you could post an ordinary reply to her instead of a ‘Trackback’, except that you probably know most of Gloucester Labour aren’t interested in a public discussion. The Labour party that enjoyed that kind of warts’n’all debate is practically an extinct species. Not that the other parties are much better, but I would support Labour again if they re-discovered honesty. I’m not sure I can say that about the Tories or the ever-disappointing Lib-Dems…

Eddie February 28, 2011 - 10:03 am

Kate Haigh seems to be blocking any comments that don’t agree with her

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