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Climate Change – Risk debate

by Barry

There are many arguments around climate change, some of it fanatical, some of it strongly argued science, some of is discredited and some of it based on rather dodgy assumptions.  Personally I feel that we are maybe missing the bigger picture, in that we are trying like anything to maintain the status quo of the earth, hold it in suspended animation so we survive as a species.  When looking at the issue, what makes it difficult, is that the arguments are laid for hundreds of years ahead and can be difficult to justify significant investment.  For me, this is further exemplified when we take the even further out view of the inevitable truth.  That is that the earth will change, and eventually it will die because the core will cool, eventually the sun will stop its reaction and we will lack heat, energy and life as we know it will probably cease to exist.  A bit pessimistic, but an inevitable fact.  That said, it is no excuse to be shortening the time of humans on earth, because we need to have that time to find other younger planets to move to.

I have just watched the video clip below and regardless of your views on global warming/climate change/whatever we are calling it today – it really puts the case for future investment into perspective.  Have a watch, and see what you think!

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