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Cole Avenue/A38 Lights – We MUST have answers!

by Barry
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It may seem like a small thing to many who don’t use them, but the debacle with the A38 / Cole Avenue traffic lights in Quedgeley must get resolved as soon as possible.  Not only is it a complete force in terms of a County Council replacement project, it is also putting people’s lives at risk!  Will it take another serious injury or worse still a death before the County Council sit up and take some responsibility!  I believe residents deserve it to be a reliable junction, and we also deserve answers about just how much this farce has cost the tax payer and why it has been allowed to go on so long.

This has been going on a long time, since the lights were renewed, and they keep breaking leaving drivers to negotiate their way through the junction at huge risk.  I have asked the police and County Councillors to have emergency plans in place to direct traffic in the event of failure, but that is quite a big ask for police to do, it would be a major operation to do full traffic control as the hazards faced by anyone getting out into the middle of the junction would be huge.

This is a prime example about why we should be wary (not necessarily against) the dash to outsource everything.  Whilst we may be saving money in the short-term, it is all in the contracts about the quality of service we as tax payers receive.  It is the County council who make the contracts and therefore our County councillors are responsible for inefficient contracts they have entered into on our behalf.  We need to know who was responsible and an apology is long overdue!

The short message in this post is this – Get the lights fixed once and for all, before someone pays more than their Tax!

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