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Not normally one for conspiracy theories, but – Incinerator decision delayed, again.

by Barry

We have heard that Eric Pickles MP, the Secretary of State for Local government, has again delayed the decision on the Javelin Park Incinerator that the Gloucestershire Tories have steam-rollered to its present position.

We know that it was delayed last time because GlosVain highlighted that another waste disposal project had been approved by GCC which undermines the viability of the incinerator decision.

However this time, there is no reason for it to be delayed, or rather,  there is no sensible reason.  So as far as I see it, there can only be two reasons:

1) That Eric is overturning the Planning committee and support his buddies in Shire Hall and going to approve it, but not tell anyone until after the election, which makes the idea of local decision making a farce.

2) That Eric is going to say no, and that would be hugely embarrassing to the Tory Administration, who, you may recall, signed the contract 2 weeks before the planning committee turned the application down.

I think this delay is a sham, I believe the decision has already been made and the Tories are now just trying to stage manage around the election.

Either way, the people who are suffering most because of this ill fated venture are the residents of Gloucestershire as we are being kept in a state of Limbo.

Labour Councillors, who have campaigned against the incinerator, have done what they can in getting the Council in a position to pursue alternative solutions, with the formation of the Plan B working group, but that is now dependent on getting a decision from Eric Pickles.



trollhunterx December 22, 2014 - 12:06 pm

I know former county councillor Sonia Friend didn’t lift a finger to find a better alternative (or if she did, wasn’t forthcoming to me, a constituent, about it).

Which makes me think that the ‘opposition’ actually wanted to let this happen, so they could use it as something to beat the Tories over the head with in elections.

Conspiracy theories, we got ’em…

trollhunterx December 22, 2014 - 12:10 pm

Oh, I forgot to mention the other possibility, that detractors actually realise that there is no other practical option, when everything has been considered, but don’t want to share responsibility by admitting this openly.

Pragmatism is something of a dirty word during political free for alls…

Barry December 29, 2014 - 6:08 pm

Hi Joe, I have certainly been campaigning against the incinerator, well before I was a Councillor (a lot of it recorded on this blog), and since been elected have argued against it and proposed motions on the incinerator. There are other options, not only on location, but technology as well. We are the party that pushed for the Plan B working group to be looking at alternatives so we are in a better position if (hopefully when) the SoS supports the planning committee result.

I think good options include MBT, collection and centralised sorting to improve recycling rates and already there is a capacity being built at Avonmouth which could easily take our refuse.


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