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Councillor Allocated Funding – I need your input!

by Barry

At the budget meeting last month, Councillors were allocated a number of buckets of funding to use in their division.  In order to use my allocation, I need to hear from YOU as to what I should focus on.  At this stage I’m looking for ideas as well as specific projects, so if you have a good idea, but don’t live in Grange and Kingsway, please still suggest it.  I can still use your idea, and/or pass it on to your councillor.

The funds are:

Highways Local – I have £20,000 to spend on Highways.  Last year I mended roads in Naas Lane and Grange.  Where should I be looking this year – where are your worst potholes?  Having driven round the division yesterday, I’m looking at fixing potholes and speed bumps on Chatswoth Avenue, Windsor Drive and speed bumps on Grange Road.

Youth – I have £5000 to be able to put into a Youth oriented project.

Health and Well being – This pot consists of £40,000 to go into projects promoting healthier living.  I have a few ideas but again keen to hear from you.  This could be to buy equipment, upgrade a facility, put on an event, subsidise membership, help a club to get off the ground or grow.  Do you have a club/idea/opportunity that could benefit from this which will in turn benefit the community?  Get in touch.

Have a think, and do get in touch, either by commenting below, using the contact form on this website, or dropping me an email at [email protected]


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trollhunterx March 6, 2014 - 10:27 am

I don’t think you have a shortage of noticeboards in your area, Barry, but you can pass on this request to Jasminder Gill if you like, as it seems like the only way she’s going to pay attention. One decent board in the Barton & Tredworth ward, efficiently managed by someone who can keep notices current, and won’t show bias in who’s he/she accepts, would do a lot to encourage community groups to form, yet all orgs such as Gloucester City Homes or TETRA do is cavil about the cost, and where to put it, despite the Co-op on High St already agreeing to have one, supposedly.

The affair of the riding arena application suggests that these people really don’t want to have a site they would be expected to post important announcements for public scrutiny.


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