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David M would have given a different speech to Ed M – And?

by Barry
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The media is alight today with the stunning revelations that David Miliband would have given a  different Speech than his brother Ed, had he won the leadership contest last year.  Not only  that, but he would have done things in a different way as well.  What a shocking revelation….. isn’t it?

One of Davids draft speeches has been leaked to the Guardian, and people seem surprised that he would ahve done different things, but Im not really sure why?  All through the leadership battle, it was clear that they had different thoughts and ideas on what should be done, which is a good thing, otherwise you would have just flipped a coin.  So to learn that he would have done things differently is great, but not really a shocking revelation, in fact it would have been disappointing if it was anything else!

I really for the life of me can not see how and why this is such a big story.

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