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What a difference a road makes……

by Barry

It was great to see that the road connecting Woodvale and Naas lane in Kingsway has finally opened this weekend.  It may not seem much, a 500m stretch of road, but in terms of seeing progression, this has been a sore point now for around 3 years.  It will do a lot to cut fuel consumption, make access to each side of the estate easier and also allow better access to the Quedgeley amenities such as the park and ride.  However in the short-term, people must be on their guard and not get taken unawares at the new road layout.

It was a real pleasure to ride up the new road, so much so I had to stop and take a photo just to prove the fact.  There has been so many missed deadlines and promised openings that have failed to materialise due to a number of reasons, that I felt I needed real evidence to prove it.

However, after a lot of discussion and pressure it is great to see this road finally open.  While it may not seem a lot, it will save 2.4 miles on every return trip to Tescos, the library, Aldi etc.    Even if only half the residents of Kingsway drive there once a week, it will save 124800 miles a year from being driven and  I think that saving that many miles being driven is a good result 🙂

Hopefully this heralds the other developments promised for this year, adoptions, the Sports Facilities, Community Centre and progress on Kingsway Phase 2.

Other issues needing resolution now is the through access from Copeland Park and the corresponding bus services as well as the timeline for Asda, and other much-needed businesses developing on the Kingsway Business Park

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