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Does the private life of Hague even matter?

by Barry

*Labour alert – I’m about to stand up for a Tory! – you may not want to read any further…*

Seeing the stories about William Hague in the press and listening to Radio 4 yesterday, I thought that it was quite sad that we, as a country, still think that a persons sexuality or what he does in his private life affects how he does his job.

Out of all the questions being raised, the only one that needs bottoming out for the public is the appointing of the 3rd aide in question. There may be very good reasons but given the austerity drive, it would be good to have the reason for expanding to be highlighted, as well as ensuring that there have been no conflict of interest.  However, from someone of his experience, then I would doubt there has been.

On a slightly bigger scale, does it matter if he is a closet homosexual or a bisexual?  Of course not.  It matters to him, and his wife, but it does not matter a jot to me, or you, as long as he is carrying out his role effectively.  It is a shame that he has felt he has to tell everybody about the problems he and his wife are caving around miscarriage.  While a lot of people are saying it is good to get the subject of miscarriage out there, this is not the way to do it.

Now there are people calling for his resignation.  If he resigns over this then I think it will be a real shame, if there was something proven then fair enough, but feeling that you to resign on a rumour is just wrong, both for the good of the Government as well as the good of the UK.

Cameron said that this was a new age of politics, I just hope he doesn’t buckle to the pressure that he must be getting from his party.  Whilst William Hague is in the opposition party to me, I would prefer to seeing him go because he deserved to go, not because the press inflame a potential non-story.


Rob September 5, 2010 - 8:59 am

The only thing that matters is whether the appointment of the SpAd was not on merit alone and was influenced by his relationship with Hague (whatever form that took). If someone goes on the public payroll they have to be worth their corn. The British public’s nasty appetite for bedroom scandal has completely obscured the proper question to be asked.

bazkirby September 5, 2010 - 9:21 am

Rob – Agreed 🙂

Though there needs to be some rationale as to why the extra post was created, but I’m sure that can be provided.

This is the second time since the election that someone’s sexuality has obscured the real issue, David Laws and now William Hague. It should focus on the real issue, of accountability.


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