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Doorstep feedback – Labour is the only alternative in Quedgeley

by Barry
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One of the good things about being active in the local community is that some people get very protective of you and what you have done.  Apparently the Lib Dems and Tories were both out in Quedgeley this weekend, and a friend of mine rang me up to tell me.  Ironically she is not a voter (work in progress), but she was full of indignation because the Lib Dems were stating they were the only alternative to the Tories.  Her words of  “How can they say that when you’re the only political person I know who actually does anything for anyone, I have never seen that Lib person do anything at all” came blasting down my phone.

A bit like a chap a couple of weeks ago, when I knocked on his door and he answered with “Hello Barry, before you ask, I will be voting for you at the next election, your local and really know whats going on and you have really made a difference..” and for 5 minutes or so, he laid out in detail just why I would get his and his wifes vote.  Normally I’m the one doing the “sales pitch” but I certainly wasn’t complaining.   (Before you ask, I did have my Rosette and stuff on, so it wasn’t just a random event).

I am in a fortunate position that even though I have not been elected yet, I still have a good stack of results to show for my work, and I think people realise that while some candidates talk a good job, I have a record that really backs me up.

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