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Where was Echoes Youth Club in Quedgeley? Gloucester MP slips up, again!

by Barry

In yet another slip in Parliament, our esteemed MP aimed to highlight the new Q Club in Quedgeley.  However it just shows the lack of attention to detail when he could not actually remember its current name, (just referring to it as Quedgeley Youth Centre instead of the Q Club in Quedgeley) and then referred to the old youth club as Echoes instead of Equals.

If I was the Conservative councillors referred to as ‘leading the scheme’, I would be quite embarrassed, as there is no doubt they played a large part, but in reality it was led by Quedgeley Community Trust who put in so much great work to get it going. 

Once again, our MP is shown to be lacking in knowledge and an almost callous disregard for pertinent detail.

His contribution in full:

The Home Secretary is right to highlight the benefits of partnership-working. Last week, I visited the newly formed Quedgeley youth centre, which replaces the local authority’s former Echoes youth club. It has been created by an innovative partnership led by local Conservative councillors and financed by Prospect Training Services, other businesses and the Quedgeley Community Trust. Early indications are that the new youth centre is proving even more popular with the young, and that it will be very successful. Will my right hon. Friend join me in congratulating all those involved in this local initiative, which shows the benefit of partnership-working, at zero cost to the taxpayer?

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