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Election Day – Time to Vote in Quedgeley

by Barry

Today is Election Day 2011, and the final straight in the race to become the next City Councillor in Quedgeley Fieldcourt.  I have done all I can to convince people that I am a candidate worthy of voting for.  People know I am a candidate that is willing to listen and someone who gets things done.  People know I don’t take credit for work done by other people, and there is lots of evidence about what I can do.  Today is all about asking people to make sure they use their vote.

Having switched the lights on in Quedgeley Labour HQ (My dining room), the day is looking promising in terms of weather and the quietness has a bit of the “calm before the storm” about it.

Over the City of Gloucester, Labour have 11 candidates, one candidate in each ward and while each of us getting elected on our own is a great thing, what is even better is what we can do as a team, so no matter where you are in Gloucester, Vote Labour.

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Joe K May 5, 2011 - 5:37 pm

That’s another thing about the change of website. After clicking a certain box, I used to get notification of new blog entries with wordpress, but not with the new sight (wow, I really typed ‘sight’). I’ll probably be able to subscribe to this thread when I hit ‘Submit Comment’, but notification of the new entries was really useful…

And good luck, Barry.


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