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August 31, 2011 - 2 Comments

On Quedgeley People there is news that our MP, Richard Graham, is organising a jobs fair for what is effectively the South Gloucester area.  He has done this before in Barton and apparently it was...

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February 21, 2011 - 0 Comments

One of the cornerstones for the massive job cuts in the Public sector is the Governments underlying belief that the Private sector will pick up the slack, however that boat now seems to be shot...

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January 21, 2011 - 3 Comments

I bet you have never heard of the Gloucester Business and Community Awards, that’s because they only exist in my head and on the short paper I have written. It came out of some of...

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November 7, 2010 - 10 Comments

The next “Big Idea” from the Government is to give those seeking a job a proper kicking when they are already down. The principle seems to be that if you don’t do exactly what the...

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October 4, 2010 - 5 Comments

Having heard the Governments rant about Health and Safety, and also been in the position when I have been frustrated at being told I can not do something because of Health and Safety, then I...

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