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Entertain the masses for free – Not Gloucester

by Barry

It was only yesterday that I was commenting that the Gloucester City Council do not seem to be able to schedule the entertainment side of this city very well and this has just been reinforced by a surprising turn of events that will ban buskers and street entertainment from the Cross, which could be argued is the most prominent point in the city centre.  I think this is just wrong, and a good compromise could easily be reached.

It has come about because of complaints from Gloucester Civic Trust who holds a number of events in St Michael’s Tower, which is just on the cross as well and sometimes with loud entertainment they get disturbed.

I think the Councils approach of banning live entertainment is just wrong.  How about a common sense approach of TALKING to the civic trust and between both organisations come up with a schedule of events to provide long-term entertainment.  That would provide a much better result of the public.

When is our City Council going to lead this city and not just bleed it dry?

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