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Welcome to our new Family addition, Smudge Xerxes

by Barry

Smudge, Making himself at home

Last night, the waiting ended and our new family addition joined us at home.  Smudge, our new Cocker Spaniel, is now 8 weeks old and we picked him up.  There was some tears on the way home and we set ourselves up for a sleepless night and the new challenge.

Actually he has settled in really well so far, being fussed over by the 3 kids as well as Amanda and myself.  His tail has not stopped wagging while he has been exploring his new domain and playing with the kids, though I think he has been thankful of having a Crate to retreat to for a rest.

Last night was pretty good, there were a few tears but overall he slept most of the night, but Amanda woke up early and could not resist going to see him at 6am.  (the first time she has seen 6am for a long time…).  Eloise has also gone very maternal in looking after him too.

He is called Smudge Xerxes (we think he suits being called Smudge, and we have “form” with using X based middle names), however being a pedigree dog, he also has a “Posh name” and this is Prince Zolah which also fits nicely with our liking of more eccentric names!

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