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Family and Home Ed Time

by Barry

While I have taken this two weeks off to be able to concentrate on my Election Campaign, it has also allowed me to do some things that I rarely get to do and that is to spend more time with the children and go to some of the local Gloucester Home Education Groups.

People are normally quite amazed when they find out just how many Home Educators there are in Gloucestershire and just how many groups are organised.  It was great to go this months group at Tuffley where there was an art and music theme this week.  Now I have to admit that I’m not the most artistic person in the world and the less said about my music ability the better but that is one of the great things about the Home Ed community is that there is always someone who is an expert in something and if no-one is, then we all learn together. When we as a family went to the imperial war museum as the climax to when we were learning about children in the war, Ellie took great delight in teaching me things that I didn’t know but she had leaned especially about children’s gas masks, rationing and family life in general.  For me I really like the fact that if we don’t know a particular subject, we can embark on it together, the main point being that they learn “how to learn” and doing it in an enjoyable way.

We also went with friends to Crickley Hill County Park which is a lovely place to walk through, and the woods are a dream for den building and the odd rope swing.

Anyway,currently we are learning about the Romans and, funnily enough, the election system.  Have you every tried explaining AV to a 6 year old?  But Eloise has laid down the law, she did say “Your not going to lose like you did last year are you daddy?”  Talk about pressure.

I know that many people do not know or understand about why families Home Educate, but it is one of the best decisions we have made yet.  It is not a snub to the state education system, it is a parental decision about what we consider the best educational choices for our children.  What I would like to see is when parents are sent the literature about schools, for there to be information about the Home Ed route in there as well and not to shroud it in secrecy.

Anyway, back to the campaign trail, after a great day in Quedgeley Severn Vale yesterday, it is off to help Cilla Woodman in Barnwood today with what has been a brilliant campaign for her.

4 days to go..


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Eddie May 1, 2011 - 9:04 am

Make the most of them while they are young. Time goes so very quickly


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