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Fire and Onions, a weekend in Gloucestershire

by Barry

This weekend was a welcome break to what had been a very busy week on the work front.  In what was almost perfect timing was 2 events on Saturday, firstly the open day at Gloucester South Fire Station/ Skillzone and then the Newent Onion Fayre.

The open day at Gloucester South was really interesting, not only did they have fire engines out which the kids loved, but they also hod some more educational stuff, such as a blow up room which was filled with synthetic smoke.  This enabled us to take the kids in and show them what a smoke-filled room would be like and what to do.

The Smoke Tent

Inside the Smoke Tent

There was also things like the hovercraft, older fire engines, Randy the Horse (a dummy horse for practicing large animal rescue) as well as City Farm and other stands.  We caught up with the Chief, Jon Hall, he had just met an elderly gent who had shared a photo of when he was a fireman and training.  Jon showed me the back and white photo of this chap using ladders suspended from window frames to scale a building.  On the one hand, it showed just how much the technology and equipment have moved on, that the heart of a firefighter hasn’t, its still about doing the job to save lives!

We also had a brief tour round Skillzone, while I had been round before, this was the first time for Amanda and the kids.  Some amusing moments when the guide was telling us about the danger of Lego on the floor and Ellie told the group about how Amanda had stood on a piece which punctured her foot and needed first aid.  Amusing for all (less so for Amanda).   But the room that showed what a burned out bedroom looked like really hit home to the kids as to the dangers of fire.  I think it’s a great place and if you havn’t been, its well worth a visit.

After the Open day, we then went on to Newent for their Onion Fayre.  I thought this was really cool because they had closed of the town centre and everyone was just having a good time.  Even though we didn’t get there until late, the place was still really busy, and aparrently in the day you just couldn’t move.  When we got back home, it was a case of collapsing on the sofa, very tired!

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