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Just who fixed the potholes in Grange?

by Barry

I receive our MP’s newsletter as do many residents of the city.  It happened that today I didn’t get chance to look at it straight away, that was until I received a barrage of texts and direct messages on Twitter asking my reaction to his claims.  Slightly mystified, I opened the newsletter only to find that he is trying to take credit for my councillor allocation of Highways repair money.  He claims that the work done was from his input when he canvassed the area in the spring.  Let me be quite clear, he has not written, phoned, commented or communicated any information or preference to me about how I used my highways allocation.  Incidentally, neither did the Tory City Councillor, Nigel Hanman.  So in this case, I have to put the record straight, the potholes in Grange are not being fixed because of input from Mr Graham because he did not offer any.  They were fixed because of input by residents to me.

The main inputs I had to the work were a number of residents while walking the streets, emails, tweets and Facebook messages from residents and a long list from City Councillor Chris Chatterton.  That combined with my own thoughts and observations and then discussions with the Highways officers got my list together and progressed.  It’s a shame that Mr Graham did not offer any of that feedback that he claims he gathered, it would have been good to add it into the consideration.  But for whatever reason, he chose not to.

For me the work is by no means finished and I would like nothing more than to encourage the continuation of the highways planned resurfacing of Bodiam Avenue (in January) throughout Grange, but that is an aspiration that will need more money to fulfil.  In the meantime, I need to have the same level of response from residents, so I can keep up the proactive maintenance as much as possible.

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