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Flu worries hit Gloucestershire hard – Lack of vaccinations

by Barry
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I blogged a while ago about the changes to the way that the Flu vaccine was being given out and thankfully since then, its obvious that someone has read it and taken note as the advertising campaign went ahead.  (Or it could just be coincidence!)

But an article in the Citizen this morning really hammers the problem home.  There has been 50 deaths in the country this winter, and there is now a shortage of Flu vaccinations within Gloucestershire.

It seems that take up of the vaccination was down in the Autumn (due to lack of advertising maybe) and so there was a small surplus which could be taken advantage of.  But that only went so far. The Government has also released some stock of swine flu vaccine too.

What the good news is out of this story, is the way that the medical professionals are all talking and working together to make the best of a bad situation. However I also wonder how much of this is down to overburdened GP surgeries? Knowing that the Surgeries in Quedgeley are always maxed out and places like Kingsway are not getting the GP provision it was promised, therefore putting yet more pressure on GP surgeries, it is no wonder that some people think that its not worth the stress of trying to get an appointment.

I just hope that the lessons are learned from this season.  It has been a bit of a disaster on a number of fronts.

On a final note, if you are offered the vaccine, please do think hard about getting it.  And also do look after yourselves and keep an eye out for neighbours, especially the elderly.

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